Faculty Accordion

Michael Hochman

Michael Hochman, MD, MPH


Office: 323-409-3824

Michael Hochman: Michael Hochman, MD, MPH, Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine, is the inaugural Director of the Gehr Center. Dr. Hochman is a board certified general internist who attended Harvard Medical School. He completed his residency in Internal Medicine at the Cambridge Health Alliance and completed a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholars fellowship at the University of California, Los Angeles. Dr. Hochman has written on health topics for the Boston Globe and other lay media publications, and is the founding editor of the 50 Studies Every Doctor Should Know book series published by Oxford University Press (www.50studies.com). Dr. Hochman also enjoys teaching and has won several clinical teaching awards. In addition to serving as Director of the Gehr Center, Dr. Hochman is proud to serve as the Senior Deputy for Health Services and Advocacy for Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors member Mark Ridley-Thomas (http://ridley-thomas.lacounty.gov/).

Rachel Lim

Rachel Lim

Program Administrator

Office: (323) 409-3823

Rachel Lim: Rachel Lim is a program administrator at Gehr Family Center for Health Systems Service in the Department of Medicine at the Keck School of Medicine of USC. She administers program operations and administrative functions, such as budget, policies, marketing, and outreach, and contributes to the design of program content, policies and strategic planning efforts. She provides research support to Gehr faculty in administering all phases of project grants and subcontracts. She holds a B.S in Biochemistry from the University of California, Davis.

Sonali Saluja

Sonali Saluja, MD, MPH


Office: (323) 409-3810

Sonali Saluja: Sonali Saluja, MD, MPH, Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine, is a health services researcher at The Gehr Center. Dr. Saluja is board certified in Internal Medicine and currently sees patients at LAC+USC hospital where she teaches and supervises residents and medical students. Dr. Saluja’s research focusses on health disparities as well as access to care for vulnerable populations. Her projects have examined access to insurance and needed care in the setting of health care reform. Dr. Saluja is currently studying how safety-net patients in Los Angeles County are navigating the healthcare landscape under the ACA.

Welmoed van Deen

Welmoed van Deen, MD, PhD


Office: (323) 409-3826

Welmoed van Deen: Welmoed van Deen, MD, Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine, is a researcher at the Gehr Center. She is also a Clinical Fellow at the Schaeffer Center for Health Policy and Economics at the University of Southern California. Dr. Van Deen’s research focuses on the development and implementation of outcome measures to evaluate – and improve – outcomes of care.  In April 2016, Dr. Van Deen finished her PhD dissertation about Value-Based Healthcare in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, for which she was involved in the implementation and evaluation of a multidisciplinary disease management platform at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Albert Farias

Albert Farias, PhD, MPH



Albert Farias: Albert Farias, PhD, MPH Assistant Professor of Clinical Preventive Medicine is a health services researcher who is devoted to helping eliminate racial/ethnic disparities in cancer outcomes by furthering our understanding of how evidence-based cancer prevention strategies and treatment are delivered within the health care system and how that influences patient adherence. His research not only identifies health care inequalities but identifies health care-related factors that explain racial/ethnic disparities in cancer outcomes. To carry out this research, Dr. Farias applies a variety of complex methodologies and analytic approaches. His research has focused on the use of cancer registry and medical claims data such as the SEER/Medicare-linked data and more recently the use of the rich SEER/Medicare/CAHPS-linked dataset to identify health care inequalities in patient reported outcomes and health care experiences. Dr. Farias possess a PhD in Health Services Research from the University of Washington, a Master’s in Public Health from Columbia University, and a BS in Biology from UCLA.

Rusha Modi

Rusha Modi, MD



Rusha Modi: Rusha Modi, MD, MPH Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine, is a researcher at the Gehr Center. Dr. Modi is a board certified physician in both internal medicine and gastroenterology and hepatology. His areas of interest include quality improvement in endoscopic units; improving access to and the quality of colorectal cancer screenings; and the role of digital health in chronic disease management. He has a strong interest in patient advocacy, especially for low income populations and is investigating different methods to optimize the delivery of specialty services in such settings.


Michael Rice


Michael Rice: Michael Rice is the administrator for the Gehr Center. He has worked for the University of Southern California healthcare system for 19 years and in healthcare for 37 years. He currently serves as Vice Chair, Finance and Administration for the Department of Medicine, the largest department at the Keck School of Medicine. As Vice Chair, he oversees all administrative and financial affairs, including financial planning, faculty recruitment, and analysis and reporting. In his time with the Department, he has seen research funding increase by $20.9 million; facilitated the implementation of a 24/7 hospitalist program at Keck Hospital and USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center; and established satellite medical offices in La Cañada/Flintridge, Beverly Hills, Riverside, Pasadena and Orange County. As administrator, he brings his knowledge and expertise to the Gehr Center.

Michael Cousineau

Michael Cousineau, Dr.PH

Senior Adviser

Office: (323) 409-3823

Michael Cousineau: Michael R. Cousineau, DPH, is a researcher at the Gehr Center and a Professor of Clinical Preventive Medicine in the Departments of Family Medicine and Preventive Medicine at the Keck School of Medicine of USC and the USC Price School of Public Policy. He attended University of California, Berkeley and received his doctorate from the UCLA School of Public Health. Dr. Cousineau studies health policy, the determinants of health care utilization for low-income populations, models of health insurance coverage, health care disparities, effectiveness of outreach and enrollment systems for public insurance programs, the operation of safety-net providers including community health centers and public hospitals, and health needs of vulnerable populations including the homeless and immigrants. Dr. Cousineau teaches health policy in the Masters in Public Health Program at USC and in the Keck School of Medicine.  He has published in Health Affairs, Medical Care, Health Services Research, the American Journal of Public Health, and Academic Medicine.