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gehr-teamOur mission is to help collaborating health systems deliver better, more efficient care, and to learn about the science of health care delivery in the process. We are grateful for the opportunity to conduct this important work thanks to the generosity of Mr. Norbert Gehr, a successful businessman who supported us to start the Center.

Here is a link to our mission and vision statement as well as our 2018-19 annual report. If you are interested in learning more and collaborating with us, please contact us!


• The Gehr Center is enthusiastic to join forces with the USC Center for Health System Innovation (CHSI), forming the USC Gehr Family Center for Health Systems Sciences and Innovation. We welcome the new team members, including Carol Peden, MD, MPH, who will serve as the Gehr Center’s director of innovation. For further details, see the announcement.

• KPCC-FM’s “Take Two” interviewed Gehr student Andrea Banuelos Mota on her recent study on medication barriers for Latinos. (Andrea’s segment starts at 30:45)

• A team of Gehr summer students publish an article in the Journal of General Internal Medicine offering insights on improving medication adherence for Latino patients with diabetes

• Carol Peden, the director of health system innovation at the Gehr Center, recently published a study in the Lancet showing that a large quality improvement initiative to improve care for patients undergoing emergency abdominal surgery did not reduce mortality rates. She concluded: “Future [quality improvement programs] should ensure that teams have both the time and resources needed to improve patient care.”

• Gehr faculty publish an analysis demonstrating the value of a physician performance dashboard in the emergency department.

• Gehr faculty, along with partners from John Snow, Inc., published an AHRQ environmental scan examining the role of primary care providers in preventing hospital readmissions.

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