USC Gehr Center Affiliate Membership Program

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Affiliate Membership:  Affiliate membership offers a way to formalize collaboration between Gehr Center faculty and others at the University of Southern California and Los Angeles community with relevant interests. Potential affiliate members include health system leaders, researchers, and community members who are interested in conducting partnered research in health systems science in collaboration with Gehr faculty members. Gehr affiliates may also assist with mentoring Gehr students, teaching in the Gehr/Schaeffer health policy curriculum, and contributing to the Gehr Center blogs.

Benefits: Affiliate members will be able to use the resources of the Gehr Center, including administrative support. Affiliate members will also be invited to regular Gehr Center meetings, as well as special speaker events. Affiliate members will be eligible to apply for pilot grant funds from the Gehr Center, typically in the amount of $5,000-$10,000, to support promising projects that could result in larger collaborations. To apply for these grants, affiliate members must complete a two-stage proposal outlining their idea and submit it for consideration to the Gehr Center director. Only Gehr affiliate members are eligible to apply for these funds.
Expectations: Gehr affiliates are expected to participate in Gehr center sponsored staff and research meetings as they are able. At minimum, affiliates should be prepared to present at Gehr Center meetings at least twice a year.

How to Apply: If you are interested in learning more about the Gehr Center affiliate program, please email your CV to: Please also send a document no longer than one page single-space addressing the questions:

  • What health systems science research are you currently involved in?
  • How will a Gehr affiliate membership help advance your work?