Gehr Student Innovator Awards

Gehr Student Awardees meet with Dr. Sachin Jain, the CEO of CareMore

Applications for the 2019 Summer Program are available here. Applications are due by Friday March 1, 2019.

Gehr Center Projects for Students


A six-week summer fellowship program for health professional students to develop a mentored health care system project in the Los Angeles community in partnership with a local health system. Each year, approximately 12 students will be selected for the award and will receive a $3,000 stipend to spend six weeks working with Gehr faculty over the summer.


The program lasts 6 weeks during the summer. Students must be devoted to the program full time, i.e. they will participate during the summer when they are not taking academic classes.

Who is Eligible:

Students who are enrolled in a health care professional program at the University of Southern California (e.g. MD, PA, PharmD, PT, OT, dental, social work).

Students meet with leaders at the UMMA community clinic

Students meet with leaders at the UMMA community clinic

Program Description:

During the 6 week program, students will develop a project in partnership with a health system in the Los Angeles community. Projects should be developed in collaboration with the health system to ensure alignment with goals of the health system.


Each student will have two mentors for their project: 1) A Gehr Center faculty member; and 2) A health system leader. One morning each week during the program period will be devoted to seminar discussions with health system leaders. The rest of the time will be unstructured, allowing students to work on their project and meet with their mentors.

Deliverables and Expectations:

At the end of the completion of the program period, each student is responsible for:

  • A final presentation to be presented at a symposium. Students may subsequently decide to write up their projects for peer reviewed publication. Authors of peer-reviewed publications should include the student, and if appropriate, the health system leaders, Gehr faculty members, or any others who helped with the intellectual design and execution of the project.
  • A formal report (no more than one page) from the health care system describing their experience with the project and whether or not they plan to implement the project on an ongoing basis. The report should include an explanation or justification for this decision.
Student innovators pose with Gehr faculty

Student innovators pose with Gehr faculty

Sample Application:

See here


For questions about the application process, please contact Ms. Rachel Lim from the Gehr Center at: